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In this fast-paced competitive life of today, you need to embrace every chance to upskill yourself. This is particularly necessary in order to:

  • Stay relevant with the latest industry demand
  • Future-proof your career
  • Boost your employability
  • Get a higher paycheck and promotions

Professional skill training is traditionally imparted through the classroom mode. However, a hectic schedule, scarcity of time, and loss of precious hours in commuting makes attending classroom a dubious proposition for working professionals.

Online learning is an area that has increasingly gained popularity with students and working professionals to gain new skills for career advancement. With a flexible schedule and a dynamic learning environment, online courses allow you to upskill yourself at your convenience, while also inculcating self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.

Pep Talk India presents its Virtual Learning series, the first comprehensive online training program for English speaking and grammar in India. Experience a face-to-face classroom environment where you can interact with the trainers and other students, engage in discussions, and participate in e-learning exercises. Brush up your English grammar, master the art of spoken English, improve your writing skills, and attain fluency in English conversation, all from the comfort of your home!


  • Learn in a relaxed and dynamic classroom environment at your convenience
  • Gain real-time feedback from Pep Talk India experts
  • Flexible scheduling options allow you to choose your own class timing
  • Make yourself industry-ready with desired English language and communication skills
  • Inculcate self-discipline and responsibility
  • Boost your resume with online certification
  • Save time, costs and hassles of commuting
  • Learn with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Expand your career horizons
  • Increase your networking and job opportunities
  • Personalized learning experience


English Grammar and Speaking (Beginner)

Basic functional grammar

Day to day conversations

Fees: INR 22,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Duration: 2 months

English Grammar and Speaking (Intermediate)

Advanced grammar

Conversation and fluency in English speaking

Fees: INR 22,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Duration: 2 months

Advanced English Speaking

Complete mastery over English communication

Fees: INR 22,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Duration: 2 months

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