Rocky Saggoo

CEO, Entrepreneur, Public Speaking Leader, YouTuber, Personal Grooming Expert and Entertainer.


Mr. Rocky Saggoo

(Co-Founder and Public Speaking Leader):

“What you read about the one and what you meet about the one are the different perspective.”
So, if I am to pen it down from the standpoint of testimonies and proclaiming, Mr. Rocky Saggoo is one of the sought-after Speakers in the arena of public Speaking. As some of the notions state, “He is a cogent conversationalist, motivational speaker, personality development trainer and life coach.
Though in his pep talk, he is just another free soul in this cosmos, believes in change and individuality so helping people overcome the fear of public speaking because he knows nothing but public speaking.
He says, ‘I know what I do. I am Rocky of my area of interest(That’s making the PEP TALK), rest I am a vagabond.

Mr. Saggoo says “To heal it you gotta feel it, be it pain or fear.” So he has overcome some of the phobias Like- Aquaphobia (fear of water), Glossophobia (Public Speaking Fear), Phasmophobia (fear of ghosts) and Acrophobia (fear of heights) successfully.
He says only way of getting away your fear is to be in that.
His this attitude and a new approach towards speaking with a larger group of people makes him different and entitles him in the New York Times under the article ‘Developing India’s personality.’
He has successfully explored other area of business before his career as a professional and motivational speaker.He has worked in the field of marketing, sales, media and advertising.
He has trained many renowned personalities((Political Leaders, Bureaucrats, Business Associates) and given many motivational speeches at various places across the country. Having more than ten years of enriching experience, He has been the reason and inspiration of Transformation in more than thousands of aspirants and Professionals.

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