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Your personality is your identity, your brand, and your business. Your first impression is a long lasting impression so make it unique and charismatic.

A confident presence speaks louder than your words!

Join the most cutting-edge personality transformation course from Pep Talk India with ‘Person to Personality’. Shed your mediocrity and experience an astounding journey of transformation as we shape you into a global leader of tomorrow!


pep design

First impression skills

  • Color me right (Professional dress)
  • Color me bright (Occasional dress)
  • Dos and don’ts of hair and makeup (male/female) 
  • Personal grooming
  • How to select the dress for your best day (interview meeting, promotions, party and other functions)
  • How to choose accessories for your dress (ties/scarfs, belt, watch, and other ornaments)
  • Your style your identity – outfit as per personality type
  • Wardrobe evaluation and management(step by step guidelines)
  • Become smart shopper
  • Mix and match techniques

Second impression skills

  • Wear your confidence on your sleeve
  • Art of effective communication
  • Know your personality type
  • Non-verbal clues and cues
  • Dining and drinking manners
  • Professional and social behaviors and manner
  • Build charismatic personality
  • Improve your self-image, self-belief, self-value
  • Brand yourself

Celebration Day

  • Presentation
  • Celebratory event
  • Accomplishment certificate, title
  • Ceremony for standout performers

Course Fees:  1,50,000 INR

pep design
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