Pep Talk Skills

“The talk, that changes Lives”

This course has been designed for you if you are a working professional, public speaking enthusiast, looking for better roles in career and life, seekers of glory and leadership, and the curious one wanting to transform entire personality and public dealing. However, you do get paid attention to the language improvement as it is one of the integral parts of your first impression.

A quick view of the sessions:

  • Preppy Mic Auditorium for the best exposure of public speaking  (First time in INDIA)
  • Poetic Mic Challenge every fortnight
  • Open debate house community

Empower your PEP TALK style

  • Learn the art of TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION
  • The ART OF REPLYING and responding at workplace
  • Master 12 strategy of SPONTANEITY and do impromptu at ease
  • Build better PRONUNCIATION to modulate your voice to drive the CONFAB
  • Accelerate the SMALL TALK with vocabulary bank and native phrases

Present like a Pro

  • Top 3 presentation style with SHOWMANSHIP
  • Extempore and group discussions to emerge as a GREAT DEBATER
  • Discover the lost art of GREAT SPEECHES
  • STORYTELLING to connect with the world
  • Be an ANCHOR of the stage.
  • Interpersonal skills and complete Interview preparation along with MEETING ETIQUETTE
  • KEY-NOTE talk & teleconferencing

Journey from Person to Personality

  • How to craft amazing FIRST IMPRESSION in 7 seconds
  • Empower your SELF-IMAGE with life skills sessions
  • Make sense of your DRESS and APPEARANCE from work to party
  • TABLE MANNERS & party etiquette
  • LEADERSHIP skills to thrive as a successful speaker.
  • What not to wear India!
  • Aristotle art of PERSUASION and develop credentials

Course Fee

(3 Hours per session)

1 Month – Crash Course – Rs. 23,000

3-4 Months – Rs. 54,000 (Weekends/Weekdays)
Installment fee – (2x 28,500 = 57,000)
1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

Registration Fee – Rs. 1000
*GST Included

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