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Two friends having conversation about upcoming nuptial

Jai: Hey, Sameer, how’s it going?

Sameer: Hey, what’s going on? Not much.

Jai: Man, I don’t think I’ve seen you in probably like six months.

Sameer: Yeah, because you’re such a lousy friend. You didn’t even care to call once in a while.

Jai: Where you been hiding?

Sameer:  I don’t know, long time no see though. I will make amends.

Jai: Yeah, that’s cool.

Sameer: How have you been?

Jai: Yeah, I’m doing pretty well. You know what, I haven’t seen you since Ravi’s promotion party.

Sameer: Actually, I have been busy.

Jai: What exactly kept you busy? You didn’t even attend my birthday party. I can’t believe you didn’t make it.

Sameer: I told you the only reason I didn’t make it is because at that time I was busy with the project. I was bummed about it.

Jai: Well you missed out on all the fun with friends.

Sameer: Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m really bummed that I missed the chance to meet your family and friends.

Jai: We had a good time.

Sameer: That’s great. I have some news that will make you less furious.

Jai: Yeah. What’s that?

Sameer: You would be more than happy to know that I am getting married next month.

Jai: Wow, that absolutely fantastic news. Who’s the lucky girl?

Sameer: Do you remember Anjali the girl I met in Mumbai.

Jai: Yeah. So how long have you known each other before you guys decided to tie the knot.

Sameer: It’s been four years.

Jai: Four years, wow, time flies.

Sameer: Yeah, but it was totally worth it.

Jai: I’m glad that it all worked out well for you guys. So when is it gonna happen?

Sameer: We are planning to have wedding on 12th March.

Jai: That’s great. It’s definitive yes from my side. I will be there.

Sameer: Sure. It’s a kind of small gathering of close relatives and friends. Nothing ostentatious.

Jai: That’s cool, who else is coming?

Sameer: I am not sure yet and wedding cards are being printed as we speak.

Jai: We’ll have a blast.

Sameer: Alright man, I must run now. I have got too much on my plate right now.

Jai: Yeah, I can understand that. See you

Sameer: Alright, ciao.

Jai: Bye.



Make amends – to compensate for something

Bummed about – to feel upset

Missed out on sth – fail to take part in some activity

Tie the knot – get married

Ostentatious – expensive, flashy

As we speak – at the very moment

Too much on my plate – to deal with many things


Grammar Tips

# Present Prefect Tense and Present Prefect Continuous can be used in conversation while asking questions Eg. How have you been?

# Interjections should be used to make conversations more lively. Eg. Wow! Great!


Conversation Tactics

# Remember to ask relevant questions and try responding aptly

# It’s always good advice to make good use of frequently spoken phrases like how’s it going?, not much


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