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What PepTalkers are saying?

I joined to fine tune my English, public speaking and presentation skills, I came to join this all the way from Mexico! Thanks, Rocky! It was a pleasure being your student. In every class, I saw quality, dedication, and commitment. I feel renewed, improved a lot, expanded my vision and all thanks to the wonderful faculty at PepTalk India. asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf;asjdlkfjasd;lfja;sdjfasdfasdfasdfasdf

Eri Kin

Personality Development Trainer, Mexico


One learns not only the basics of public speaking, but also the nuances associated with it. In Pep Talk India one experiences mentoring like never before. One meets all kinds of people from different echelons in different professions. One experiences the diversity as well as the unity. The mentors there give personal feedback. From what I have analysed, this is The Best institute for public speaking.

Bharat Sharma

Politician, Businessman

Believe me “PEP TALK India, Rajouri Garden” is the best place in NCR to improve your public speaking skills and get an amazing Personality Switch. The entire Curriculum, the Faculty, Fellow Students and no doubt the energy here at PepTalk India have transformed me from a boring, introvert and stage fearing personality to a very Confident, Fluent and Entertaining Speaker.

Aaditya Goyal

IITian, Pursuing MBA from Texas, USA

For those of you who lack confidence in English, Public Speaking and have the potential but are unable to do anything about it just because you are not confident enough. Peptalk India not only improves your English conversational skills and makes you a dynamic public speaker but there’s more to it. It helps you grow as a person and be more than you can. Join them today and witness the transformation!

Prerna Aggarwal

Student, SPM College

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