lawyers & judge

Lawyer 1: We have a matter lined up for the dowry case.

Judge: Yes, please put your case forward.

Lawyer 1: My client was blamed for asking dowry. But that’s not a fact.

Judge: Well, that I will decide. And for that, I need to hear the case from both the parties.

Lawyer 1: Sure. But I wanted that we should be given next date for the hearing of the case because I have an another case at Supreme Court.

Judge: For that, you need to provide the written notice to me and to the opponent lawyer.

Lawyer 1: Sure, my lord. I have already sent one copy to them.

Judge: After the approval from the opponent lawyer, I will be telling the another date for the case.

Lawyer 1: Thank you.

Judge: Does the opponent lawyer have something to say on the behalf of her client?

Lawyer 2: Yes, my lord. My client was harassed for the dowry from her in-laws after the 6 days of her marriage. She was also beaten badly by her husband.

Lawyer 1: I object my lord. They just had a verbal fight on a very normal issue.

Lawyer 2: They had a normal fight and she got badly injured. Isn’t that amazing?

Lawyer 1: No that’s not true.

Lawyer 2: Ohh, please!

Judge: Both the lawyers please calm down and maintain the decorum of court. I will hear both the sides in next hearing. By that time court is adjunct for the day.


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