Common man: Sir, I lost my phone yesterday.

Cop: Where did you lose it?

Common man: I lost it in Sarojini market.

Cop: At what time?

Common man: sir, I don’t know the exact time, but in the evening.

Cop: Please tell me which model you were using?

Common man: Samsung j7

Cop: Do you have the bill of your phone?

Common man: yes!

Cop: Was your phone under warranty?

Common man: No, sir!

Cop: Tell me the IMEI number of your phone

Common man: It is, 245676777827387777

Cop: We are tracking your device. As soon as we receive any info regarding the same we will get back to you.

Common man: Ok sir!

Cop: You can collect the Xerox of your FIR from there.

Common man: Thank you so much, sir. Looking forward for an update.

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