This the best course we offer, this is an advanced course, and this deals with two different dimensions- individual and group training. If you lack in leadership, making good first impression, amazing speeches and presentations then this course is for you! This course is especially for those who are looking for an edge in their personality and leadership.


What You will learn in This Course


English & Public Speaking course or  Super human skills too will be covered in this course.


Power of Verbal & non- verbal Communication– Art of projecting your speech with your strength.


Lost Art of Great Speeches -heart winning pep talk, inspirational and motivational speeches. Case studies on best speeches.


Soft Skills– Leadership influence in your career and life, Art of Negotiation & self-management. Stress management.


Confidence Grooming– Self-confidence the secret of everything. Overcome anxiety and nervousness on the stage.


Pep Talk Skills Power– Key-note Talk, Develop Showmanship, Sense of humour to be a natural performer- stand-up comedy. Event anchoring. Salesmanship art, IQ & EQ & SRT.


Self- Image Evaluation – Know your dress style to empower your image. First Impression Power.

Aristotle’s secrets of persuasion, acronym secret.


Be a PepTalker

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Course Fees and Options

3 Hours per session (4 Months)

              Course Fees and Options


Fee – 44,000 Rupees (only one time fee)

Installment fee – (24,000 x 2 = 48,000)

1st at the time of admission and 2nd after a month

(This is a tailored course to cater all life skills lessons)

Registeration Fee : 500 Extra

*Service Tax Included

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