This course is designed to cover every essential component of English as well as Public Speaking from scratch in addition to Personality Grooming, Confidence Building.
So, if you are not able to communicate well in English or you fear public speaking then this course for you!


What You will learn in This Course

1. Basic and advance Grammar-
10 mantras of functional grammar

2. Communication Skills
Speaking skills-
Daily useful conversations and impromptu
Writing skills- formal and informal writing
Listening skills- Quick understanding and comprehending
Reading skills- newspaper and learning books
Language skills- Vocabulary building, idioms, proverbs and phrases

3. Insight of speech and presentation-
Become a great story teller,Role plays & event anchoring
Heart winning content tips and lost art of great speeches.
Presentation skills- Ppt, prop & group presentation.

4. Interview and job skills
Telephonic conversation practice (formal & informal)
SWOT Analysis; Resume writing to mock interview sessions
Group discussion & debates with the best tricks to nail it
Interpersonal skills & meeting etiquettes

5. Personality Development-
Body language Gestures and postures
Master voice modulation
Get rid of stage fright & build confidence
Be magical at podium.Table manners and fitness tips
overcome anxiety and nervousness

Course Fees and Options

3 Months (5 Days a week)

No Installment

5 Months (3 Days a week)


Installment fee- (12500X2=25000)

First at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

6 Months (2 Days a week)


Installment fee- (12500X2=25000)

First at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

Registeration Fee : 500
*Service Tax Included

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