Everyday english in 50 days


Lawyer 1: We have a matter lined up for the dowry case.

Judge: Yes go ahead. Present your case.

Lawyer 1: My client has been accused of demanding dowry. But he has been wrongly accused. He is innocent.

Judge: Well that I will decide that. To arrive at an impartial judgment, I need to hear facts of the case from both the parties.

Lawyer 1: Sure. But before we proceed I would like to request you to move the date for the hearing to next week as I have another case at the Supreme Court.

Judge: For that you need to submit a written request to me and to the opponent’s lawyer.

Lawyer 1: Sure my lord. I have already dispatched one copy to the concerned entity.

Judge: After receiving the approval from the plaintiff’s lawyer I will be decide upon the next date of hearing.

Lawyer 1: Thank you my lord for your consideration.

Judge: Does the plaintiff’s lawyer have something to say on the behalf of her client?

Lawyer 2: Yes my lord. My client was harassed for the dowry by her in-laws since the very next day of her marriage. She was also physically assaulted by her husband and his family.

Lawyer 1: I object my lord. They just had a verbal fight on a trivial domestic issue.

Lawyer 2: They just had a petty argument and she got seriously injured. Isn’t that shockingly astonishing?

Lawyer 1: No! That’s absolutely not true.

Lawyer 2: Oh please! Your client is an unruly man and he belongs in prison.

Judge: Order! Order! Both the lawyers settle down and maintain the decorum of court. I would hear arguments from both the sides in next hearing. By that time court is adjourned.



Plaintiff – person who levels charges against another person

Trivial – not important

Astonishing – very surprising

Unruly – uncontrollable, wild

Adjourned – to stop an official proceeding

Everyday english in 50 days

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