Everyday english in 50 days

 Conversation between a Teacher and a Student

Teacher: Good Morning!

Student: Good Morning Ma’am!

Teacher: How were the holidays? Did you have an ace time?

Student: Yeah! It was amazing ma’am, I went to Kerala with my family.

Teacher: That’s great, so now you have to write about your vacation to Kerala.

Student: Sure ma’am.

Teacher: I hope, you did some study during your vacation.

Student: Yes ma’am, I would devote one hour to my studies.

Teacher: That’s good, have you completed the work which I had asked you to do?

Student: I almost finished it, however I am facing a bewildering problem in understanding few concepts.

Teacher: Lemme know which area requires more clarification?

Student: You taught me Adjectives in the last session, I have found that there are few adjectives ending with ‘ed’ and few of them ending with ‘ing’, but I don’t know which Adjective is used at what place?

Teacher: The ‘ed’ adjectives are used to describe our feelings and ‘ing’ adjectives describe the characteristic of a person or a thing.

Student: So, is it correct? When I say, I am confusing.

Teacher: No, Confused is the word because if it’s your feeling then you need to add ‘ed’ to confuse and it becomes your feeling.

Student: Now I have understood, thank you so much ma’am.

Teacher: You are most welcome.

Student: When am I supposed to come for the next class?

Teacher: You can come tomorrow at 4 PM, please go through the topic once again and whatever doubts you have, bring them tomorrow.

Student: Thanks ma’am, I will do that.



An ace time: very good time

Bewildering: confusing

Everyday english in 50 days

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