Everyday english in 50 days


Tenant: Hey! Actually I was looking for a flat on rent. So I found your number on Internet. Could you please let me know the details regarding that?

Landlord: Yeah sure. Could you tell about your preferred location?

Tenant: I am looking for an accommodation in Rajouri Garden area. As my office is located at Rajouri Garden so I would prefer an apartment in close proximity.

Landlord: OK. I have a flat in A-block. It’s near Rajouri main market.

Tenant: That’s perfect.

Landlord: It’s 2 BHK apartment. It has modular kitchen. One balcony and washroom attached to that.

Tenant: What about water supply and electricity?

Landlord: It has 24×7 electricity backup and water supply.

Tenant: What about rent?

Landlord: It will cost you Rs. 25000 per month plus 5000 security.

Tenant: The rent is exorbitantly high. Is the rent negotiable?

Landlord: That won’t be possible on my part.

Tenant: Actually I have recently shifted to Delhi and I have to take care of a lot things. So I would be very grateful to you if could please negotiate the rent.

Landlord: I can make it up to 22000/- per month not below that.

Tenant: Yes, that’s seems to be fair. Thank you so much for your consideration. So when can I come to see the flat and finalise everything?

Landlord: You can come today by 5 o’ clock.

Tenant: Is it possible tomorrow?

Landlord: Tomorrow at what time?

Tenant: Tomorrow in the morning. So that I can finalise everything and shift as well.

Landlord: Tomorrow at 11 o’ clock then?

Tenant: Yes that would be fine.

Landlord: OK, then see you tomorrow at 11.

Tenant: Could you please text me the exact location?

Landlord: Sure I will text you the address.

Tenant: Thank you so much.

Everyday english in 50 days

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