Everyday english in 50 days

Mcdonalds English Conversation at Pep Talk

Order-taker: How may I help you?

Peptalker: Hi, Could you plz take my order?

Order-taker:  Yeah, Sure.

Peptalker: I want two Chicken Mc-Grill Burgers, and in Vegetarian, I want two Veg surprises and one Mc Veggie Burger. Thank you!

Order-taker: Thank you Sir. Do you want cheese in Chicken Burgers?

Peptalker: Yes, I would want one with cheese and the other one without cheese.

Order-taker: Thanks, could you plz tell me about Mac-Veggie Burger also?

Peptalker: That too without cheese.

Order-taker: Do you want French-Fries along with them?

Peptalker: Yes, I want two large French-Fries, Also, Can you make a Happy meal of Egg & Cheese Mc Muffin?

Order-taker: Yeah Sure sir, So your Order includes two Chicken Mc-Grill Burgers one with Cheese and the other one without the cheese, One Mc-Veggie Burger with cheese, Two large fries, and one Happy Meal of Egg & Cheese Mc Muffin. Do want something else sir?

Peptalker: Oh, I forgot the drinks. Plz, add two Ice teas and two large cokes.

Order-taker: Yeah sure sir, Your Order would take just five minutes.

Peptalker: No Problem

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Everyday english in 50 days

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