Everyday english in 50 days

Anshul: Hey, Hi “What’s up?” Long time no see!

Neha: Yeah, it’s been really a long time.

Anshul: How are you doing?

Neha: I am doing great, How about you?

Anshul: I am also doing good. How’s everything? What’s keeping you busy these days?

Neha: I am overloaded with my office work all the time. Anyway, it’s your Birthday coming next month so where’s the party?

Anshul: Oh, I am glad that you remember it.

Neha: Come on! We are great friends. Aren’t we?

Anshul: Certainly, we are. This is the reason I have called you here to invite you to my birthday party next month.

Neha: That’s great! So where is the party?

Anshul: It is at Ambrosia Bliss at CP on the 7th Nov. The party will begin at 8 in the evening. Our entire school batch is coming, so get ready for some real fun!

Neha: Fantastic! It will be a great fun meeting the old friends after so long.

Anshul: Yeah, It will be like a reunion for all of us.

Neha: Yeah, you are right!

Anshul: Don’t make any other plan that day, Mark this day in your diary. Also, Don’t forget to bring my Birthday gift.

Neha: Definitely!

Anshul: Just kidding! Plz be on time that day

Neha: Don’t worry! I will try and come in time

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