English Conversation between two friends in a party

Teena: Hey, How are you doing?
Saisha: I am doing well, how about you?
Teena: I am also fine n doing great, how’s family?
Saisha: The family is also doing well; I am busy with my kids these days as they have got their exams at school
Teena: Yeah, Kids keep us busy all the time
Saisha: How about the vacation you went last month? How was it?
Teena: Oh, it was great! We had a lot of adventure and fun.
Saisha: Where did you go?
Teena: We went to Dubai.
Saisha: It’s a beautiful place to go; I went there last year and had a lot of fun with my family. Did you go to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi?
Teena: Yeah, it’s one of the most adventurous places I have visited in my life. We had a real fun there and especially my kids had a gala time at Ferrari World
Saisha: What other things you liked there?
Teena: I liked Burj Khalifa; the world’s tallest building. It was really mesmerizing to see that building at night.
Saisha: Indeed, it is
Teena: Anyway, Are you planning a vacation this year?
Saisha: Let’s see my husband and I are planning to go to Europe; however we are busy with our family functions at home as there is a marriage in our family. Therefore it’s still undecided
Teena: Alright, in fact we are also planning to go there so let’s plan it together next year
Saisha: Sure, the fun increases when the people increase
Teena: By the way, where are you doing shopping for the wedding?
Saisha: Everything from Frontier Raas at South Ex. It has got a lot of collection of Indian dresses
Teena: Okay, I gotta go, something urgent has come up. Bye
Saisha: No problem, stay in touch. See you, Bye

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