Abir: Hey, last night my friend saw you at the party.

Sharanya: Yup, I went with my friends.

Abir: so, how was it?

Sharanya: Actually it was a Sufi night.

Abir: It must be boring listening to Qawwalis.

Sharanya: Are you kidding? It’s not Qawwalis being played, there is a DJ playing Sufi songs and everyone enjoys it.

Abir: Tell me one such place where they are playing Sufi songs.

Sharanya: I know one place, it’s One Boulevard at Saket, they are conducting Sufi nights every week and they are very rejuvenating. Go and attend one.

Abir: I would definitely attend one of them, so will you come along?

Sharanya: I might come, let’s plan accordingly.

Abir: Should I ask my friends?

Sharanya: Sure, if there are more people, the fun is doubled.

Abir: Alright, let’s plan this weekend.

Sharanya: Not this one, I am busy at this weekend, let’s plan the next weekend.

Abir: No problem, let’s meet at the next weekend and accordingly we will make the bookings.

Sharanya: okay, done.

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