Everyday english in 50 days


REPORTER: Hello Sir!

Star: Hello! How are you?

Reporter: I am good Sir. What about you?

Star: Ahh, I am great.

Reporter: So when are we going to see you on the big screen next.

Star: Soon. I have signed a movie.

Reporter: When is the releasing date of that movie?

Star: It will get released in December.

Reporter: Your fans have been eagerly waiting for your movie for quite some time long.

Star: I really want to thank all my fans for their support.

Reporter: We will definitely pass on your message to your fans. Could you please tell me something about your upcoming movie?

Star: It’s an action plus romantic movie. I am the main protagonist who portrays a role of an honest police officer who eventually gets trapped by some venal politicians.

Reporter: Wow that’s interesting.

Star: Hahaha. Let’s see how everything pans out.

Reporter: And who is the lead actress of this movie? We would also like to know about her.

Star: Kanika is the lead actress. She is playing a role of a politician’s daughter. Ahh that’s enough of the information about the movie I guess. Let’s keep something for the trailer as well.

Reporter: Yes, we totally agree. We all are really excited to see the trailers of your upcoming movie.




Protagonist: – main character or hero

Venal: – corrupt and dishonest

Pan out: – to develop in a particular way

Everyday english in 50 days

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