Interview Conversation :

Interviewee : May I come in , Sir ?

Interviewer : Yes , Please come in.

Interviewee enters the room.

Interviewer : Please have a seat Gentleman.
Interviewee : (Whilst sitting down) Thank you sir.
Interviewer : How are you doing today?
Interviewee : Very fine sir , Thank you.
Interviewer: So , Karan. Tell me something about yourself.
Interviewee : My name is Karan Arora and I have completed my Masters in Business
Administration from IIM Ahmedabad. Prior to that I did my Engineering from IIT Delhi. I have an
avid interest in photography which I pursue by travelling to new places. I’ve done my English and Public Speaking Course from Pep Talk India,  My major strengths are
that I am an empathetic person by nature and an effective multitasker.
Interviewer : Nice. So which was the last place you visited ?
Interviewee : Lucknow
Interviewer : Interesting. What appealed to you the most in Lucknow?
Interviewee : For my eyes the Architecture and for my heart the warmth of the people there , Sir.
Interviewer : So , Karan , tell me , where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Interviewee : I am driven to be the best at what I do and I want to work somewhere where I’ll
have opportunites to develop my skills , take on interesting projects , and work with people I can
really learn from. Some of the most innovative thinkers in the industry work here and that’s a big
reason of why I would love to build a career here.
Interviewer : Very well . What do you consider to be your weaknesses ?
Interviewee : Sir , I have the tendency to get stressed when I have to meet a deadline. I often
am unable to channelise my stress onto delivery. However , I am working upon it and furthur
introspection is helping me calm down in tough situations.
Interviewer : Great ! That would be all gentleman. Thank you

Interviewee : Thank you sir. It has been a pleasure to have met you

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