Everyday english in 50 days

Railway-Enquiry:  Good Morning.

Passenger: Good Morning.

Railway-Enquiry: Yes please, how can I hep you?

Passenger: I lost my luggage on the train yesterday.

Railway-Enquiry: Which train did you board?

Passenger: I was in Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Mumbai.

Railway-Enquiry: At what time did you board the train?

Passenger: I boarded the train in the morning at 10 o’ clock.

Railway-Enquiry: Could you please tell me in brief about your luggage?

Passenger: It was an American Tourister bag. Dark Red in colour. It also has a big tag “R” letter written on it.

Railway-Enquiry: Could you please show me your ticket?

Passenger: Sure sir, here it is.

Railway-Enquiry: I also need your ID proof to register your complaint.

Passenger: Sir, here is my ID proof.

Railway-Enquiry: We will be in touch with you as soon as we get any update. Just give us 24 hrs.

Passenger: Thank you, sir. I will be waiting anxiously for your call.

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