Everyday english in 50 days

Teacher: Good Morning ma’am.

Principal: Good Morning. How are you?

Teacher: I am fine ma’am and you?

Principal: ah! Me? I am having a blast.

Teacher: That’s great ma’am.

Principal: Have you planned the trip for students?

Teacher: Ma’am, I had a word with all four sections. They all voted for Rishikesh.

Principal: But Rishikesh can be risky for students. Why don’t you plan a place where they can have fun and it is safe too.

Teacher: Sure ma’am, I will look into that.

Principal: Great!

Teacher: Do all the streams need to be part of this trip?

Principal: Except science stream because I have another plan for them.

Teacher: Sure ma’am.

Principal: Please make sure every student gets a signature of their parents on their form before going on the trip.

Teacher: Sure ma’am. I have sent the original copy of the form for photostat. I will distribute the forms to the students after lunch.

Principal: Inform all the students to submit the amount on Thursday and make a final list of all the students who are going on this trip and submit that list to me.

Teacher: Sure ma’am, I will abide by that.

Everyday english in 50 days

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