Saanvi: I think it’s a good restaurant, have you been here before?

Rishi: Yeah, I have been here twice, I like its food especially the appetizers

Saanvi: Let’s sit over there

Rishi: Okay

Saanvi: Let’s order food

Rishi: Sure, what would you like to have the appetizers?

Saanvi: What is the best in Non-vegetarian here?

Rishi: I like Chicken Malai Tikka and kababs

Saanvi: So let’s order Chicken Tikka and Mutton Kababs

Rishi: Would you like to have wine or any other drink?

Saanvi: I will have Breezer, the Cranberry flavor

Rishi: OK

Saanvi: Do you wish to order something else in the starters?

Rishi: Let’s order something in vegetarian also, they serve good tandoori chaap here. Would you like it?

Saanvi: If you wanna have it then let’s get it

Rishi: OK, What would you have in the main course?

Saanvi: Are you off your rocker? I don’t think we would be able to finish off the appetizers, let alone the main course

Rishi: Yeah, Let’s see. By the way, do you like the ambiance of this place?

Saanvi: oh, yes. It looks good and especially the lighting. Let’s see how the food come out to be

Rishi: I am sure, you will like that too.

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