This course has been designed for you especially the people who believe even after having good command over the language; you shy away from making a point before a large group of audience, or you lack in presenting yourself to a group people because of anxiety and nervousness. This course ensures that you get enough confidence to be a Super Human!


What You will learn in This Course

1. Communication Skills

6 c’s of communication skills
Creativity in writing for better content & Master the art of learning vocabulary

2. Insight of speech and presentation
Impromptu and extempore to be spontaneous
Become a great story teller,Role plays & event anchoring
Heart winning content tips and lost art of great speeches
Ppt, prop & sales presentation.Master the contemporary of presentation skills

3. Interview and job skills
Telephonic conversation practice (formal & informal)
SWOT Analysis; Resume writing to mock interview sessions
Group discussion & debates with the best tricks to nail it
Interpersonal skills & meeting etiquettes

4. Personality Development
Non verbal skills- Body language & voice modulation
Get rid of stage fright & build confidence building
Be magical at podium.Table manners and fitness tips
to overcome anxiety and nervousness

5. Showmanship Style
improve sense of humour,and stand up comedy
Salesmanship art & memory development.
3 dimensional talk to be a super human
Self image sessions to be better in first impression

[Fluency practice by using innovative methods]

[Outstanding outdoor pep talk challenge]

[Individual and group documentary]

[pep selfie video challenge ]

[Speech & presentation Competition]

Course Fees and Options

1 Month (5 Days a week)

Rs.15000 No Installment

2 Months (5 Days a week)


No Installment options

4 Months (3 Days a week)


Installment fee- (12,500X2=25,000)

First at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

4 Months (2 Days a week)Weekend


Installment fee- (12,500X2=25,000)

First at the time of admission & 2nd after a month


Registeration Fee : 500

*Service Tax extra as applicable

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