This course has been designed for you especially the people who believe even after having good command over the language; you shy away from making a point before a large group of audience, or you lack in presenting yourself to a group people because of anxiety and nervousness. This course ensures that you get enough confidence to be a Super Human!


What You will learn in This Course

(Become Confident Public Speaker)

6 c’s of communication skills

From correctness to concreteness get the competency to deal better in the English language. Creativity in writing for better content, Get rid of MTI and get better pronunciation. Master vocabulary skills & glossary cube test. Proverbs and analogy in daily communication.


2. Insight of speech and presentation

Impromptu and extempore to be spontaneous.

Become a great story teller, Role plays.

Stage talk- Heart winning content tips, art of great speeches, Art of delivering Motivational speeches. Contemporary presentation skills –PowerPoint.


3. Revamp Public speaking with Non-verbal skills 

Body language & voice modulation.

Get rid of stage fright & build confidence.

Be magical at podium. Overcome anxiety and nervousness.


5. 3 Dimensional talk 

Fluency skill, figure skill & Filler skill

Course Fees and Options

(3 Hours per session)

2 Months (3 Days a week)


Installment fee – ( 14500×2=29000 )

3 Months ( 2 Days a week on weekends )


Installment fee- (14500X2=29000)

First at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

Registeration Fee : 1000

* GST included

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