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PepTalk is the new
Public Speaking Style

India’s No.1 English and Public Speaking Institue

20,000+ Students & Professional Trained, 400+ Batches,4.9/5 Star Rating

This world belongs to those who believe in themselves and public speaking belongs to those who are pep talkers.

Fluent Command over the English language blend with immense confidence and the infusion of improved personality traits transform one into a dynamic English speaker. Cliché like “I understand”, motivation like “I have a dream”, speech like “Four scores and seven years ago” and quotes like “Stay hungry; Stay foolish” respectively delivered by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs and many more speeches and presentation by the great pep talkers have changed the world and our perspective towards the prominence of public speaking art it starts here and now by discovering a pep talker in you.

Courses at Pep Talk India

We offer three different courses with different time duration (from 1 month to 6 months) for college students to professionals and business entrepreneurs. We understand the importance of your time and money so we are here with just one solution for all type of English, public speaking and personality development related problems.

English & Public Speaking Skills

Functional Grammar

Speech & Presentation

Mock Interview & Job Skills

Public Speaking Championship

English Speaking Fluency Practice

Super Human Skills

Face Interview Like Pro

Public Speaking Ins & Outs

Speech & presentation Competition

Fluency Practice By Innovative Methods

Confidence Building & Personality Grooming

Pep Talk Skills

Prepare & Present Peptalk

Lost Art Of Great Speeches.

Power Of 3D Communication.

First Impression-Image Maker

Self-Confidence With Soft Skills

Our Founders and Head Trainers

JS Anandrahi

JS Anandrahi

Founder and Visionary

 Mr. Anandrahi was one of the most liked international authors and entrepreneurs. he was a prolific writer as well with almost two million readers worldwide. understood the Socio-economic complexities of Indian and Asian people in a right perspective. 

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Rocky Saggoo

Rocky Saggoo

Co-Founder and Head Trainer

Mr. Rocky Saggoo is one of the sought-after Speakers in the arena of public Speaking. As some of the notions state, “He is a cogent conversationalist, motivational speaker, personality development trainer and life coach.

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Khushi Singh

Khushi Singh

Head Trainer

 She is a post-graduate in Business Management but has always been inclined towards creating a hub where people will be encouraged to learn an essential skill of human life, The Art of Public Speaking. 

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Why PepTalk India

 1. After the successful training of more than 20,000 aspirants and professionals, Pep Talk India has become the stamp of excellence in Engish & Public Speaking classes

2. Pep talk India provides you the most humanize way of learning fluent English, eliminating the fear of public speaking & developing the personality to succeed.

3. Pep Talk India has trained Public speaking course(Pep Talk Skills) not just to the people of India but also of Mexico,Russia,England,Canada, Iran and some other countries.

4. Pep Talk India has a great flexibility in batch timing and offers classes for all 7 days(weekdays and weekends) in Rajouri Garden (New Delhi).

5. Pep Talk doesn’t give you different levels of learning but one course for all the problems related to English Speaking, public speaking & personality development.


What PepTalkers are saying...

One learns not only the basics of public speaking, but also the nuances associated with it. In Pep Talk India one experiences mentoring like never before. One meets all kinds of people from different echelons in different professions. One experiences the diversity as well as the unity. The mentors there give personal feedback. From what I have analysed, this is The Best institute for public speaking.

Bharat Sharma

Politician, Businessman

I joined to fine tune my English, public speaking and presentation skills, I came to join this all the way from Mexico! Thanks Rocky!  It was a pleasure being your student. In every class I saw quality, dedication and commitment. I feel renewed, iproved a lot, expanded my vision and all thanks to the wonderful faculty at PepTalk India.
Thank You Peptalk India!

Eri Kin

Personality Development Trainer, Mexico

I joined this Alma mater a month ago to fine tune my English, public speaking and presentation skills, but owing to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :passion and teaching skills of mentors, i came out with something which i had never expected. I improved a lot and feeling motivated, they turned me from a bizarre/fidgety communicator to a confident English public speaker.

Diwakar Sharma

Works at, Tata Consultancy Services

Believe me “PEP TALK India, Rajouri Garden” is the best place in NCR to improve your public speaking skills and get an amazing Pesonality Switch. The entire Curriculum, the Faculty, Fellow Students and no doubt the energy here at PepTalk India have transformed me from a boring, introvert and stage fearing personality to a very Confident, Fluent and Entertaining Speaker.

Aaditya Goyal

IItian,, Pursuing MBA from Texas, USA.

For those of you who lack confidence in English, Public Speaking and have the potential but are unable to do anything about it just because you are not confident enough. Peptalk India not only improves your English conversional skills and makes you a dynamic public speaker but there’s more to it. It helps you grow as a person and be more than you can. Join them today and witness the transformation !

Prerna Aggarwal

Student, SPM College

Pep Talk India is doing great job…I got to know about you guys from an article of New York Times written “developing India’s personalities” Mr. Rocky… frankly speaking, being from one of the top corporates I went being skeptical and dogmatic but meeting you people I decided to join you on weekends…can’t explain how and why but within four months now I have upper edge in my presentation.

Akshob Shekhar

Working Professional

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